Our values

Van Cleef & Arpels is structured around a values-based core that secures success and fulfillment for the Maison and its teams.

Van Cleef & Arpels wants to give all its employees an opportunity to feel fulfilled in their jobs and grow in an environment that is compassionate, challenging and goal-oriented. It is everyone’s responsibility to embody these values every day so they are ingrained and passed on.

Click on the values
to see what they mean
and how they are
linked to one another.
Click on the values
to see what they mean
and how they are
linked to one another.

Caring is about being open-minded and able to accept other people and their differences and to approach everything with an optimistic outlook.

Conscientiousness is paying attention to the smallest detail, a drive to always do what is best without fail and in every situation, no matter what!

Curiosity means caring about other people, taking an interest in what is happening at the Maison and in the world.

It demands that we all give the best of ourselves at all times. This ambition contributes to the Maison’s success.

Creativity means an ability for everyone to redefine their job, to suggest new ways of doing things and think about using different methods.

Transmission is one of the values that has enabled the Maison to last. Working together, setting an example and sharing your experience are the keys to transmission.

Caring goes hand in hand with conscientiousness in the Maison. It entails deeply respecting everyone yet not being blindly optimistic. Conscientiousness means thinking of everything, always from a compassionate perspective out of unwavering respect for other people to make progress in every situation.

Caring combined with curiosity means showing interest in other people and their situation without prying in order to understand them better and ultimately provide them more help. Compassionate curiosity is constructive and helps teams move forward, help each other and celebrate together!

We all have our own ambitions and career goals! When our ambition is compassionate and is done by building each other up, it has a role to play in the Maison.

Transmission combined with care requires everyone to take an interest in and share their work with each other. We can all learn from one another in order to share as many skills as possible and thereby allow everyone to grow along with the Maison.

Curiosity combined with conscientiousness requires everyone to take an interest in other people and their concerns so that all team members feel listened to and supported and can gain a sense of fulfillment at the Maison.

Conscientiousness combined with creativity allows everyone to surpass themselves, to give their very best in every situation, to redefine and take a second look at the status quo. Everyone is encouraged to be conscientiously creative in order to enrich the Maison.

Transmission combined with conscientiousness means everyone takes an interest in and shares their work with each other. Inquisitiveness and personal accessibility are core practices at the Maison and they require a bit of curiosity!

Being curious with ambition means taking the time to learn and explore new things, opening yourself up to new possibilities, whatever they may be.

Creativity is behind the Maison evolving toward new work methods. Everyone should be curious enough to take an interest in how others are working to gain a deeper understanding, better adapt to their job techniques and perhaps think of new ones.

Transmission has enabled the Maison’s savoir-faire and culture to last. It naturally goes hand in hand with curiosity. Everyone must become involved in group projects, take an interest in the Maison’s savoir-faire and other peoples’ experience.

Transmission is a fundamental value at the Maison. Everyone needs to set a goal to pass on their knowledge, their savoir-faire and experience as well as the Maison’s culture to make it all durable.

Creativity is the Maison’s core business. Everyone must be willing to pass on their sense of creativity, inspire new ideas and share them.

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