At Van Cleef & Arpels, ‘what’ and ‘how’ receive the same amount of attention; therefore, not only what the teams do but the way they do it.

Recruitment is a collaborative process involving individuals from different departments and managerial levels. This approach reflects the very strong relationship between the Human
Resources team and other team members.

Selecting candidates

Hard and soft skills are equally important.

During the interview, the Maison looks at the candidate’s experience and personality in terms of their responses to the following questions:

- Do the candidate’s values reflect the Maison’s own culture and values?

- Can the candidate grow within their role and the Maison? 

- Can the candidate start “now”?

Van Cleef & Arpels also carries out (using an external service provider) pre-hiring reference checks for all candidates likely to join to the Maison. These checks are completely transparent and comply with the rules and regulations of the country in question.

Induction program

The induction program is key to the success and well-being of any new employee joining the Maison. The induction program is personalized for each newcomer.

The Human Resources team chooses a mentor for each newcomer. Mentoring helps share the Maison’s values and knowledge as well as helping the newcomer integrate.

An induction schedule is prepared a few days prior to the employee’s arrival. This provides an opportunity for the newcomer to meet key colleagues and better understand their functions and duties.

The trial period is a key step. Several meetings between the Human Resources team and the Manager are held to set the trial period’s targets but also to gain an insight into the employee’s impressions and answer any questions. Dialog is ongoing throughout the trial period to ensure successful integration. An informal lunch meeting with the Human Resources team allows the new employee to identify their role within the Maison.

Newcomers also take part in a two-day induction course organized by Van Cleef & Arpels. This course gives the employee a comprehensive overview of the Maison. It also includes a visit to the Maison’s High Jewelry Workshops.

As part of this induction process, newcomers also attend a range of courses at the École des Arts Joailliers (The School of Jewelry Arts). The aim of these courses is to develop knowledge and kindle curiosity about craftsmanship and the Maison’s savoir-faire.

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